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Lose Weight up to 10KG in 30 days

safely and naturally
Excercise not required, simple and easy to follow,
effectiveness 100% guaranteed!

Younger looks & pleasant to the eyes
Body Disease Resistance built naturally
No need to starve
Still can enjoy your favourite foods
Body always fresh and energetic throught the day
No any side effects

CyberSlimCenter Monthly Health Buletin Subscription
worth RM47.90 per year!
Packed with information that will save the most valuable property
you have that is HEALTH!
FREE if you register TODAY!
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*Your privacy is very important to, therefore we will not use the information you had entered for other purposes.
All information will be treat as highly confidential.

90% attempts to lose weight fails.
The main reason is because
choosing the WRONG way.
DON'T ever trapped and included in this percentage!

Wrong way Effect Results
Skip meals or reducing daily meals like not eating dinner. Muscle shrink, water inside the body reducing and metabolism dropped dramatically. Fat still remain. Slim for a while and after that all the lost KG come back with few more KG as consolation.The chance to get gastric is very high.
Take diet pills. Appetite loss, nausea, dizzy and if over dose, health will be affected.
Weight loss only happens in the beginning, if stop taking pills, appetite come back bigger and body become more fatter.
Eat only fruits. Body become less energy because the nutrition is not complete and balanced. Stress because forced to eat same food repeatedly.
Diet not last long, very easy to give-up!
Take slimming product from new established company Credibility of the company is not known, always pursue for profits only. Long term side effects are unknown.

Money will be wasted. Long term side effect (even short term) will cause health deterioration.

In fact, OBESITY is a PROBLEM......

FatGuy Problem
Too much fat
Most of the Diet
Reduction of muscle & water, body stressed
After Diet
No more muscle to burn calories
Body store more fat!

Have you tried above method? If you are doing it,
it must be STOPPED!

Do it CORRECTLY, don't destroy your health & happiness.

Correct way to lose weight:

GoodShape Problems
Too much fat
Correct way to Diet
Provide complete and balanced nutrition to the body, build muscle, increase metabolism rates.
Muscle built, excessive fat burnt every single day, due to good nutritional habits, body become more energetic throughout the day, body disease resistance built naturally.

How to get a complete and balanced nutrition?
Nutrition experts says that we had to eat around 4000 calories
in a day to get complete nutrition as our body needs!

What will happen if we eat 4000 calories a day?
On average, men burn 2,200 calories a day, while women only 1,800 calories.
If we eat 4,000 calories a day, where will be the remaining 2,000 calories goes?
Definitely it will be stored inside our fat cells, and this is why our body weight increase
almost everyday and caused our appearance looks ugly!

How to solve this problem?

Don't panic! CyberSlimCenter had discovered  the best way to lose weight
with the method that Safe, Natural and Effective!

See the success of CyberSlimCenter founder!




"Before taking this product, my body weight increased to 91kg,
high blood pressure up to 167mmHg, protein in my urine,
(doctor said it is diabetic, kidney starts to damage),
always having headache when it is hot until nose bleed,

less stamina when tried to excercise or go up and down stairs.

After taking the program, I had lost 5kg in the first 7 days,
blood pressure normalized, no more protein in the urine, can play badminton more
than 2 hours non-stop, and I had lost 15kg in total"

CyberSlimCenter Founder: Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Manaf

Latest Picture!
"I can maintain my ideal weight easily now!"
My experience with the programs to slim down my body and maintain it will be used
and shared so that you will have the same results.

No clinic visit for more than 3 years!
Most latest picture!

"I had succesfully maintain my ideal weight for more than 3 years now!"
No doubt that the product given me a favor of true HEALTH!
No more acne on my face and my skin now more fair!
Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Manaf, CyberSlimCenter founder.

Latest Testimonial

Rohani Before Rohani88KG RohaniNow
95KG 88KG 73KG

Lost 15KG in 30 Days!!

I had tried almost everythings to lose my weight before this.
Slimming center (wasted RM12,000), not eating rice for months, but I FAILED!

Unable to be stylish like slim person, feel tired easily,
difficult to move, knee pain and at one stage, I feel so embarassed to leave home to meet friends
because my body too fat.
I almost gave-up to lose weight.

Discovered the Herbalife products offerred by CyberSlimCenter, I began to take the
product with guide from CyberSlimCenter Personal Health Coach that always concerned.
From the first day I had already feel the difference!

Feet are not sore any more, I had started to wear my old clothes,
it is very easy for me to move around and I had successfully lost
15KG in 30 days!!
Rohani Binti Abdul Razak,
Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras.

Latest Testimonial

RozaidiBef RozaidiAft

Fat at Stomach Area Vanished!

At the beginning of the program, my weight gained up to 92KG. My intention is to
reduse weight to avoid unwanted diseaces such as hypertension and diabetes.
At that time I had always headaches and very difficult to get up in the morning.

When I started this program, because of my body weight reducing, my headache gradually gone,
my laziness had overcome.
Big stomach had slimmed down

I had successfully lost 12KG!!
Rozaidi Bin Mat Isa, Jitra, Kedah

Latest Testimonial


I am Mohd Fikri bin Draffar age 21 years old from Pahang, introduced to this product through
internet while searching for products to lose weight.

At that moment, my weight is unknown because I can't find weighing machine that
can weigh me. I only can measured my waist with the free given measuring tape. (Before program 132cm)

Before taking this product, I always wake up late in the morning, feel very heavy to do work,
after start taking this product, I am very satisfied with a lot of changes happened to me.

Firstly, I had no more problem to wake-up early in the morning and I always feel
energetic even the breakfast is only the product. With the product, I feel full and
this feeling last very long. At lunch, I ate what every I like and drinks a lot of water.
At night I will have the product again.

In one week, I had already noticed the changes, my waist from 132cm shrink to 127cm,
my body become lighter, and my "spare tyre" at the waist become smaller.

Before this my shirt size is 4XL, and after a week, it goes down to  3XL.
I hope that I can wear size L after this.....with God permission...

Services from CyberSlimCenter that is from its founder itself En Abd Rashid is really satisfying,
eventhough I never met him. We always communicate through sms and phone
but I am very pleased with his encouragement and support that been given by
En Abd Rashid to myself. Delivery services also done swiftly.

Be confidence, strive and trust to yourself....Insya’Allah...
Mohd. Fikri bin Draffar, Temerloh, Pahang

Latest Pictures!

fikrilatest                Fikri Latest Oct        

Lost 29KG in 3 bulan!
Month #5: Total Weight Lost 36KG!
My health improved a lot. My weight can now be weigh.
Last record that I remember is 148kg (weigh in clinic) and the latest weigh was 119kg
and I will be always with Herbalife and CyberSlimCenter
to get my ideal weight for my future and health.
Mohd. Fikri bin Draffar, Temerloh, Pahang

Congratulations to Fikri and continue to strive for your dream to come true!
Rashid, CyberSlimcenter Founder

Latest Testimonial

Intan Before Intan After
Lost 11KG in 2 Months!

After giving birth to my first child, my weight reached 64KG, having 
menstrual problem and weak disease resistance. Always had headache and flu.

After introduced to Herbalife products by my husband, no more headache,
I feel more energetic, my menstrual problem disappeared and I had lost
11KG in just 2 months! Thank you to my husband and
also CyberSlimCenter which always concerned along the programs.

Intan Juliana, Suri Rumah, Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Product Taken:


Formula 1 (550g)
Formula 3 (240g)
Tea Mix (50g)

*These products purpose is not to diagnose, cure or preventing any diceases.
Healthy and consistent nutritional habit will help organs
to function well and fight diceases naturally.

<<<Click Here to Get the Products Now>>>

What is the function of each product??

Formula 1
>Make us feel full and energetic
>Each serving contains 8.65g soy protein
>Rich with fibre
>Contains Vitamin, mineral & all essential nutrients that our body need
Formula 3
>Helps to ensure appropriate protein intake as suggested
>Avoid "Yo-Yo" effect during weight lost
>Every scoop contains 5g of soy protein
>Contains sistina, metionina that essential to strengthen the muscle
>No fat, sugar, carbohydrate, yeast, colestrol, salt, lactose, sweetener or any coloration elements
Tea Mix
>Gives quick energy
>Control appetite against junk food
>Excelarate calories and fat burning

How to take the product?
Replace 2 of your routine meals with delicious Herbalife shake and eat
balanced food once.
Drink 3-4 cups of Tea Mix 3-4 a day and you will lose all the unwanted fat,
and maintain your ideal weight easily, therefore you will feel the true HEALTHY is.

Look at other testimonials!
They are not popular artist that somehow already slim! Think about it....
And plenty more people that succeeded to lose weight with the same products.

 BefAft2 BefAft3BefAft4
BefAft5 BA6 BA7 BA8
BA9 BA9 BA10 BA11
BA12 BA13 BA14 Ba15
Ba16 BA17  BA19
BA20 Ba21 BA21 BA34
35 36 37 38
39 40 41 42
43 44 45 46
47 48 49 50
55 57 56

If they all CAN, so do YOU!

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 The success of this weight management program is based on the
products that been created and produced by Herbalife that the core is the
scientific research & cutting edge technology.
For example,
Tea Mix took more than  4 years to be created!

Tea Mix

What is the difference of Herbalife products compared to others in the market?

1. "Cellular Nutrition" technology which the body cells supplied with complete and well balanced nutrition.
This technology us patented and no other products that can
give the same optimum affect as same as these products.

2. Herbalife had been established for more than 30 years in 73 countries. These proves that
Herbalife products will not give any side effects
for both short or long terms.

"Targeted nutritional supplements are designed to make it easy to provide
the cells of your body with the nutrients you need for optimum functioning,
a daily sense of vitality and your best opportunity for a lifetime of good health"
Dr. David Heber, M.D, Ph.D,
Chairman, Nutritional Advisory Board, Herbalife
Director, Center for Human Nutrition, UCLA

See the connection of each nutrients;


For example, Vitamin C alone need Calcium, Natrium, Magnesium, Eisen, Chrom,
Vitamin E, Panthothenat (Vit.B5), Nicotinsaure (Vit.B3), Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6,
Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Folsaure, Vitamin B12.

What will occur if the other micro-nutrients not in the body and we only
take Vitamin C?

Vitamin C will not functioning properly! Body also cannot function well because we did
not supply the nutrition or food that the body needs.

Experts say that, nowadays, it is almost impossible for us to eat food that contains all the nutrients
that body need while controlling the calorie intake
These is because, the nutritional value if our food changed along with the agricultural and
livestock technology. Preservation, processing and food radiation, fruits ripe through technology,
fertilizers and excess pesticides, genetic alteration, long distance transportation,
long storage time, polution of air, land and sea.

Based on studies in Japan for some of their oranges and apples sold in the market
scientists discovered the surprising fact which Vitamin C content of these
oranges and apples was ZERO!


70% of premature deaths is due to heart problems, cancer, stroke and diabetes
50% of this premature death was directly related to the unhealthy nutritional intake
7 out of 10 visits to the clinics are due to unbalanced diets
*Statistics from World Health Organization

How to ensure all of the micro-nutrients been supplied to the
body every single day
Don't worry! All had been formulated, studied, measured, tested and proven
to be effective for over than 30 years. All contains in the Formula 1!

Formula 1

From Left : Cappuccino, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Tropical Fruits

Company background of Herbalife International.

30 years old company
*Credibility can not be denied
*Best products that bring the company to this stage
*Proven that the products will not give any long term side effects

Listed on the Main Board of the New York Stock Exchange
*Not any company that can be listed here
*Companues will be sticrtly audited, there is nothing that can be hidden

 Globe     car
Operating in 73 countries
*Products are accepted around the world
*Products had also passed the test of 73 national laboratories including those is developed countries

beflatest     fikri11fikri22
Keeping more than 70 million pictorial & written testimonies from its customers
*Products are suitable for all individuals regardless of age and gender

Having the largest Medical Advisory Board in the world
*Ensure its products is the best in the world

lab1  lab6
Having own laboratory with the cutting edge technology in UCLA
*Ensure the quality of each product is produced at the highest level

halalF1    halalf3   halalteamix
                                                          Formula 1                      Formula 3                     Tea Mix
All products are HALAL certified
*Halal also means "Safe" to be eaten by humans

Complete Weight Lost Set
(containing 3 products with different functions)


(1) Formula 1 (550g)
(2) Formula 3 (240g)
(3) Tea Mix (50g)

*Formula 1 is offerred in 5 delicious flavour to be choosed
Formula 1
Dutch Chocolate
French Vanilla
Tropical Fruit

<<<Click Here to Get the Products NOW>>>

To prepare delicious Herbalife Shake

<1> 2 tablespoons of Formula 1
<2> 1 tablespoon (for women) or 2 tablespoons (for men) Formula 3
<3> 250ml soy milk or fruit juice
<4> 4-5 ice cube (optional)
*Dilute with plain water if it is too thick

Mixing Shake:
<1> Pour in soy milk or fruit juice into blender or shaker
<2> Put in Formula 1, Formula 3 and ice cube (optional)
<3> Blend or shake it mixed properly
<4> Enjoy it as meal replacements
*You also can mix oats or fruits if you use blender (optional)

To prepare the Tea Mix
<1> Half tea spoon of Tea Mix powder

<2> 250ml of cold of luke warm water
*Satu sudu makan Madu Asli (optional)

Stirring Tea Mix:
<1> Put it the Tea Mix powder into the cold or luke warm water
<2> Stir well it until the powder dilute
*Put in one spoon of natural honey (optional)

One Day Intake Steps

(1) Shake
Breakfast Herbalife Shake
Lunch Eat as usual
Dinner Herbalife Shake


Breakfast Herbalife Shake
Lunch Herbalife Shake
Dinner Eat as usual


Breakfast Eat as usual
Lunch Herbalife Shake
Dinner Herbalife Shake
*The basic is, 2 Shakes and one normal meal.
You can enjoy your favourite foods, but try to minimize the
food with high in fat such as food with coconut milk, fried or high in sugar.

For those that fasting;
Sahur Herbalife Shake
Break fast Break fat as usual
10-11 pm Herbalife Shake
*Shake will make you full and energetic in long period of time. It is quite helping
for us to fulfill the requirement during fasting and tarawih prayer because of this
complete nutritional value that gives energy.
*Body weight reduced more during fasting month. This is the miracle of Allah that
only Allah knows."
Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Manaf
Founder of CyberSlimCenter

(2) Tea Mix to be taken 3-4 cups anytime throughout the day.

(3) Drink plain water sufficiently, every 25kg of your body weight you need to drink
1 liter of water
*Example: Body weight 50kg, need to drink 2 liters of water
*Try to drink enough water everyday, start now,
and you will feel the difference! Measure how much water you drink in one day.
Review it and improve so that you drink more than yesterday.

Tips on how to drink more water:
(1) Drink 2 gulps of water every 10 minutes from 7am to 7pm.
*You will drink 3 liters of water during this period!
(2) Drink water from small bottles, and count it
*If you use big bottles, you are easier to gave up
(3) If you always drink not more than a liter a day, add up little by little (not increase the volume suddenly)
and always think to "Do Better Than Yesterday" attitude.

Your body will lose 1.7 liters of water through breathing and toilet activities.
*Imagine if you only drink 1 liter of water a day!

Why water is too important to the human body?
Our brain contains 90% of water
*Look at schools, whose children that alway bringing water bottles? And whose children are briliant?
Our muschle 75% water
Bone 22% water
Blood 83% water
Water stabilize body temperature

Water transport nutrients and oxigen to the cells
Water humidify the air in the lung
Water increase the metabolism!
Water protects organs
Water helps organ to better absorb the nutrients
Water protect the joints

What will happen if we are drinking not enough water?
Body always in fatigue
Frequent headache or migraine
Tension muscle
Imbalance blood pressure
Kidney failure

Dry skin
Risk of Death

How can I reduce my body weight with Herbalife Tea Mix and Shake?

The main purpose of the Herbalife
Reduce calorie intake through meal replacements, so calories intake are
less than what the body can burn, but in the same time
supplying the body with
all nutrients the body needs
so that the body functioning properly.

If this situation happens every day, what ever age, gender or your weight now, you will
successfully lose weight in effective and safe manner!

See examples below for a clearer picture;

Facts: Plate of fried mee 770 calories
Facts: On average, Malaysian eat 1000 calories in one meal
Facts: Herbalife Shake is only worth 180 calories
Facts: To lose 1kg of body fat, we need to burn 8000 calories
Facts: Women burns 1800 calories a day
Facts: Men burns 2200 calories a day

mee goreng

Calories Intake Calculation (without Herbalife)
Breakfast Nasi lemak + Teh Tarik 1000 kalori
Lunch Nasi campur + Teh O Ais 1100 kalori
Dinner Nasi campur + Plain Water 1100 kalori
Total Calories 3200 kalori

Calories Intake Calculation (with Herbalife)
Breakfast Shake Herbalife   180 kalori
Lunch Nasi Campur + Teh O Ais 1100 kalori
Dinner Shake Herbalife    180 kalori
Jumlah Kalori 1460 kalori

In basic fat or calories burning occurred through following if we practices
2 times 
Herbalife shake a day and enjoy once meal of your favorite foods;
Women: 1800 - 1460 = 340 calories burned each day
Men: 2200 - 1460 = 740 calories burned each day
* Aerobic for = 405 calories burned per hour
(Equivalence to individuals with body weight of 68kg)

How many KG I will lose in a month?
Women: 340 calories X 30 days = 10, 200 calories = 1.3KG
Men: 740 calories X 30 days = 22.200 calories = 2.8KG
* This is only calculation basis, each individual metabolism is in different levels,
during the program, muscle built and metabolism will
increased, the amount of weight loss will vary
according to the individual.

Why some can slim more than 10kg in 30 days?
For individuals who take Tea Mix, a cup Tea Mix will burn calories
as we do aerobic for 20 minutes!
For individuals who metabolism rates are still high, the weight will come down with
faster speed because the deficit between calories consumed and burned by body naturally
is larger.

The right food choices while enjoying your favorite food once a day
during the program also provides maximum impact.

gemuk bertukar langsing

Act now!

Slim down your body!
You will not to be ashamed in public again!
No people will said something at your back again!
You can play sports like other people!
No disease to be concerned because of obesity!
Your live will be more meaningful!
More easy to select clothing!
Easier to move actively!
You will not be laughing object again!
Your self-confidence will increase!


Get Herbalife products today at a price
RM407.16 *
(Complete Set: Formula 1, Formula 3 and Tea Mix)
*Announced by Herbalife Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. on 22-May-10
*Formula 1: RM163.08, Formula 3: RM115.56, Tea Mix 50g: RM128.52

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(1) Shaker Cup Herbalife

(2) Measuring Tape

(3) Guide Book "Herbalife Your Key to Wellness"

(4) Guide Book "Wellness" from Herbalife
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Nutrition information through newsletters
which we will send every month
(a delicious shake recipes, nutrition news,
health and tips on health which can be used to safe lifes)

(6) Free Service support of CyberSlimCenter
* 24 hours customer service by phone

(7) *FREE delivery

*Only to address in Malaysia

(8) CyberSlimCenter seasonal promotions

All FREE to facilitate you to slim down!
Living Healthy!

We offer 30 days money back guarantee.


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